This is Mosaic Young Adults

18 yrs - Twentysomethings

A Community for a Unique Season

Peoples' twenties are full of decisions and challenges. A long and wildly transitional time, it's a life stage ripe for growth. And having steady relationships that point towards Kingdom-living along the way can change everything.

Our Vision

Young adulthood comes with unchartered territories. It’s a time of finding your footing and figuring out what you legitimately want to pursue in life—often while juggling multiple jobs, relationships, and responsibilities. This season launches you into a space of unknowns, which can be overwhelming. Still, it’s full of opportunity and discovery.

At Mosaic Young Adults, it’s our hope to cultivate a community that will walk through this journey together, pointing one another to the ultimate guide and mainstay of Jesus through every decision, disappointment, and victory. We want to provide a place for you to care for your soul, hear from God’s word, rally your faith, and grow alongside friends as you continue to invite the pursuit of love and righteousness to shape your story.

Thursday Nights

Winter Garden Campus

7:30pm – 9:30pm

We encourage all young adults to be an active part of our regular Sunday gatherings alongside the whole of the Mosaic community. In addition to Sundays, we host a gathering for 18 – twentysomethings every week on Thursday nights at 7:30pm. This time revolves around messages, panels, discussion groups, and, sometimes, worship.

Doors open at 7:00pm, offering you a space to connect with other young adults before the night kicks off. Come out, meet new people, and engage your mind and soul in discussions of life and faith in Christ.

Community Groups

Share Life with a Small Group of Friends

Along with Thursday night gatherings, a key part of the Mosaic Young Adult community is Community Groups. These meet weekly in people’s homes. We currently have a few young adult Community Groups that meet within twenty minutes of our Mosaic Winter Garden Campus.


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