This is Mosaic Church


We want to surprise and delight you because the gospel is surprising and delighting us every day.

What to Expect

We believe that gathering together as a church body is powerful.

Our two Sunday morning gatherings, one at 9:02am and another at 11:17am, exist as an invitation to start each week from a place of transformation inspired by community, worship, and scripture-based teaching.

Current COVID-19 Guidelines

To best care for everyone in this season, we’re asking that you follow these health and safety measures when visiting our campus.


We are located in the Winter Garden Regional Shopping Center just a few blocks from downtown Winter Garden. Once an abandoned superstore, our building has been renovated to become a home for Sunday mornings and discipleship throughout the week.


Our hope is that as you walk into our lobby, you feel welcomed to make your way into the gathering in whatever way fits you, whether if it’s by grabbing a coffee, lingering to chat, or heading to the sanctuary to find a seat.


All churches have their differences and nuances. So, visiting a new one can bring on loads of questions. As you walk through our campus, you’ll notice people in blue tees. We affectionately call this group “Blue Shirts.” They are there to answer any question you might have about Mosaic. (And if they don’t know the answer to your question, they can probably find someone who does.)

Mosaic Kids

We believe that spiritual formation starts from the very beginning. At Mosaic Kids, we want every child who walks through our doors to feel like they belong and have people who champion them as they experience God in new and engaging ways.


Stop at the Mosaic Kids Check-In area (located right next to the sanctuary doors) before the gathering to check in your kids with one of our volunteers. They will guide you and your child to their gathering space and answer any questions you might have. We currently have limited capacity, so please know that we cannot guarantee a spot for all kids—but we do our best! Check-in opens twenty minutes before each gathering.

ASL Interpreting & Spanish Translation

ASL interpreting and Spanish translation are available at our 11:17am gathering.

Traducción Español (Spanish Translation)

Nuestra reunión de las 11:17am se traduce en vivo todos los domingos a través de un traductor y auriculares. Visita el Connect Wall ubicado en el lobby de la entrada; Y conectate con uno de los voluntarios de Blue Shirt y te ayudamos a conéctarte con la comunidad hispano hablante de Mosaic.

ASL Interpreting

If you are deaf, we would love for you to join us during this time where an ASL interpreter is present throughout the gathering. A section is reserved in the sanctuary’s front right (facing the stage) for you and your family.

What to Expect

We believe that gathering together as a church body is powerful. And it’s a gift that we’re able to do so not only in person but also online.

Our two Sunday morning gatherings, one at 9:02am and another at 11:17am, exist as an invitation to start each week from a place of transformation inspired by community, worship, and scripture-based teaching.

Mosaic Online

We encourage you to join us physically if you’re able, but we also completely understand that this isn’t possible for everyone all the time. Because of this, we strive to be innovative and intentional in creating an authentic, life-giving experience for our community online.

Livestream at 9:02am & 11:17am

Mosaic’s online community life starts with the Livestream on Sunday mornings. Both of our gatherings are shared live in this digital space where you can join us from your home or current location. (Closed captioning in English is available.)

We hope you make this time relational. Turn off all distractions, gather your household if they’d like to join you, make some coffee, and settle in to share Sunday not just with us online but with one other.

Watching on your TV

You can also watch the Livestream through the Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, and Apple TV streaming platforms/devices. Search “Mosaic Church” on any of these and select the result with our logo. Note that, sometimes, when watching through one of these, the Livestream can be delayed a few minutes.

Weekly Host

The Livestream offers a chat you can join. This is hosted each week by a different Mosaic staff person or elder who gives a short, encouraging word at the start of the gathering.

Gatherings on Demand

If for any reason you aren’t able to join us during the regular gathering times, the teaching portion of the gathering is available on-demand after 2:00pm on Sundays. You can find the latest message (along with a complete archive of all our messages) on our website.

Mosaic Kids Online

At Mosaic Kids, we believe that God’s Word is for kids today, impacting their lives now. During this time, while we aren’t able to host Mosaic Kids Sunday gatherings at full capacity, we are enjoying providing weekly lesson videos every Sunday for all age groups.

Parents, we encourage you to watch these with your kids and use them to jumpstart memorable gospel moments and conversations.

One of our many hopes is that any person, regardless of their background, can have an authentic experience of God when they come here.



Worship simply means to ascribe worth to someone or something. Biblical worship is a full life response to who God is and what He has done. This isn’t always easy, though, and so we gather together weekly to explore scripture and sing songs that remind ourselves and one another that God is good and He, alone, is worthy of our praise.

If you’ve been to different churches, you know that musical styles can vary—ours tends towards a modern alternative style. We have several worship leaders on our team, and they each bring something different to the gathering. What you can expect, though, is that regardless of styles and song choices, this time is crafted to urge our hearts towards Jesus.


Our teaching is focused on taking the truths of the Bible and explaining them in a thought-provoking manner that makes sense today—as a narrative.

We spend most of the year preaching through books of the Bible with occasional breaks for topical, culturally-relevant series. You can expect each message to last 30 to 45 minutes and be followed by a worship response time.

Spiritual Disciplines & Prayer

Spiritual disciplines are practices found in scripture that promote growth and maturity among followers of Jesus. They are habits of devotion like communion, prayer, meditating on God’s word, etc., that people have practiced since biblical times. We often incorporate one of these into our gatherings for us to enjoy and grow from together.

Prayer After the Gathering

A group of our deacons, pastors, elders, and staff is always available at the sanctuary’s front after the gathering to pray with you. You can also find the Prayer Team in the west hallway, below the greenery wall. If you’re joining us online, you can receive prayer by reaching out to