Bash - Mosaic Church



I love getting to see our students feel known and loved through fun, worship, teaching and even in a space where they can talk about what’s on their minds. My favorite part is hearing that Summer Bash is the highlight of their summer!

Why Summer Bash

Planning a summer event for all of our 5th – 6th graders every summer is no small feat. So, why do we do it? Honestly, we might look forward to it as much as our students! Every year, without fail, this week becomes a highlight of the year, forging memories in tandem with spiritual formation for students and leaders alike.

Making Memories

Who doesn’t love a good summer mem? We believe that God made us to enjoy him and the life he’s given us, every day he surprises and delights us with new mercies and opportunities to live an incredible life. So we want these 2 days to be some of the most fun and memorable days of our students’ middle school years!

Developmental Years

As Ephesians says, we were created for good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do because we are his workmanship. These 2 years going from elementary school to middle school are some of the most foundationally transformational years of our lives and we believe that what happens at this event can help grow our students’ vision for a full and meaningful life found in Jesus as they head into middle and high school!

What to Expect

Our 5th – 6th graders spend a few days of our summer together, every year. For those incredible days, we collectively enjoy wild adventures, camp-style games and sports, worship, teaching, devotional time, and simply being together.

Cost & Registration

We acknowledge that planning for summer and preparing our hearts for a powerful week takes time, so we get started with the hype early on in the year.

We do everything we can to keep this event more than affordable for you and your students. There is a low cost to help cover some of the fun experiences we plan for your students, but we believe they are more than worth it! We just ask that if you are seriously interested about sending your student you sign up as early as possible in the Spring.



Each day we have hours of engaging games, team-building experiences, and memories that will last a lifetime! We deck out the gathering room to inspire us towards the Summer Bash theme and have a host who guides us through the fun whether an individual competition or with our squad!


A unique team of students and adults hand-picked to help every 5th & 6th grader experience the grace, character, and power of our God through songs. We believe these worship sessions really teach students Jesus is worthy of worship and you can have fun doing it.


Each day we hear from incredible communicators, who unpack an intentional aspect of the Summer Bash theme diving deep into the scriptures in a way that is relevant to students. Then for the rest of the Summer on Sundays our teaching continues to flow from where we started at the Summer Bash.

Devotional Time

We take advantage of being away from our normal daily rhythms by introducing students to spiritual disciplines like Bible reading, solitude and prayer. A small portion of some of our mornings is dedicated to “quiet times,” where students use a devotional packet they receive to guide them into engaging deeper with God.


What’s a Mosaic Students event without incredible leaders?! Each day students will be led by their very own small group leaders investing into the fun and maybe more importantly the deeper conversations around faith, life, and God’s character. We’ve seen just how powerful a good role model is in a teenager’s life, and these leaders are more than that, they are spiritual older brothers and sisters in the faith!