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Ezra | God’s Faithfulness Leads Us to Worship

God is faithful even in our faithlessness. The theme of Ezra is faithfulness to the Lord, both in worship (the importance of building the new temple) and in keeping the Torah (God’s word). God loves & forgives us, and our repentance leads us to worship.

Oftentimes when we sin, instead of turning to God & repenting, we hide and live in shame, questioning why and how God could ever love us. As we see in the book of Ezra, The God we know and serve is gracious & faithful to His promises, His mercy exceeds His anger. Instead of turning away from Him in our mistakes, let’s instead run to Him, repenting of what we have done which in turn leads us to worship Him for His mercy and kindness in which we do not deserve.

  • December 1, 2021
  • WG: Hannah South