Intro to the Prophets | A Letter To Mosaic Students

If we had a letter to Mosaic Students, what would God’s encouragement be to Mosaic Students? What would be His warnings? Often throughout the prophets we see warnings and encouragement, judgment and mercy, despair and hope, darkness of the world and the light of the Lord leading the way to Him. Our culture and our desires offer many ways to live, satisfied, apart from God, but the Word warns us that all of these (whether they are tangible things or just ideologies to believe in) are just idols that will ultimately leave us never satisfied and always wanting more. Jesus is the only way to be truly satisfied in this life and beyond. So tonight we warn our students about the idols our culture would have them put their hope in and encourage them to pursue the God who is greater than all the idols our heart would create.

  • August 9, 2023
  • WG: Jason Rewis