Wednesdays 7th - 12th - Mosaic Church

7th - 12th

Every week I am blown away by the character of our students. They are eager to serve, learn, and love God with all that they have…We pray to make this a space where students can grow deeper in their personal faith, their love for others, and ultimately propel them into their individual contexts to do great Kingdom work!

What To Expect

7th - 12th grade • 6:00 – 8:00PM

Wednesday night gatherings are our main space for discipleship for 7th – 12th graders. The night is filled with games, teaching, worship, and small groups. Here, students are inspired to let a relationship with God, His Word, and biblical community radically shape their character, relationships, and purpose.

Summer Schedule

Please note: Our regular Wednesday night gathering schedule looks a bit different in the Summer. Be sure to check out the Mosaic calendar for more information.

Lobby Hangout

We take over the Winter Garden Campus building on Wednesday nights—filling it with music, games, and hangout spots. Doors open at 5:30pm.


When students arrive, they go through a quick check-in process with one of our volunteers. This helps us know that during our gathering, only students and Mosaic Students volunteers are in the building—ensuring safety and fun.

Games, Food, & Friends

After going through check-in, students are encouraged to hang out, play games, and grab food with their friends. Can jam, spike ball, corn hole, and more can be found throughout the lobby, and candy and pizza can be purchased at the coffee bar. Our Mosaic Students volunteers—ranging from age 18 to 70-something—can also be found during this time, ready to hang out with students. (You’ll know them by their name tags.)

What you win them with is what you keep them with… win them with Jesus.



After hanging out in the lobby, we gather in the sanctuary for worship. This time helps prepare both our students and Mosaic Student leaders to hear God’s word, inviting them to connect with Him together over music and prayerful lyrics.

Our Mosaic Students Worship Team is made up primarily of teenagers and young adults. They bring songs from Sunday mornings into our Wednesday nights, along with ones that they’ve written together specifically for our students during their annual song-writing retreat.

Interactive Teaching

We consider these gatherings as an opportunity for God to speak specifically to this generation, their unique challenges, and their life’s possibilities as followers of Jesus. With that in mind, our teaching team approaches every message with hours upon hours dedicated to prayer, collaborative planning, and creativity.

Our Teaching Team

A small, dedicated group of Mosaic Students staff and several young adult volunteers take turns teaching every Wednesday. Focusing on a section of scripture every week, they aim to bring the enduring, transformative truth of the grand narrative of God’s word to middle and high schoolers, helping them to connect it to their own lives and context.

Word Tour: A Four Year Series

We are spending the next four years on a tour of God’s word from Genesis to Revelation. In this series, we will learn to see God’s heart in the law, hope in the prophets, redemption in the gospels, and faith in the epistles. This is such an exciting adventure for us because many students have never read through the Bible in its entirety. Throughout this journey, our prayer is that the students will find clarity and unity throughout the Bible and that each word contributes to God’s redemptive story for mankind.


You can tune into Mosaic Students gatherings online via Mosaic’s Livestream at 6:00pm on Wednesday nights.

We take investing, empowering, and releasing the emerging generation very, very, very seriously. This is not a generation that is lazy and lost; this is a generation that is ready to rise and become a people now—not in the future—that can make a giant difference in the Kingdom of God.

Small Groups

While the first half of the night is centered around worship and a message, the second half is all about small groups. Every Mosaic student has a small group they can call their own, made up of other students their age. In this space, our Mosaic Student Leaders ask challenging, culturally-relevant questions to help guide students into a relationship-building and spiritually-sharpening discussion with one another.

Leaders & Coaches

Our goal is for every small group to be led by a team of two co-leaders, offering a range of experiences and personalities for students to connect with. These leaders are encouraged and trained regularly by a small group coach—someone on our Students Team with experience in and passion for student discipleship.

Beyond Wednesdays

While small group time on Wednesdays can be wildly impactful, we love it when they carry their relationship beyond Wednesday nights. Often, our Mosaic Students leaders will help make that happen by spending time with students throughout the week, organizing group hangouts, sitting with them in the sanctuary during Sunday gatherings, or serving alongside them in Mosaic Kids or other spaces.