Young Adults - Week 8: God Has a Name - Mosaic Church

Week 8: Reading

Monday, March 13th

Exodus 5 (Read Here)

Tuesday, March 14th

Exodus 6 (Read Here)

Wednesday, March 15th

Exodus 7 (Read Here)

Thursday, March 16th

Exodus 8:1-15 (Read Here)

Friday, March 17th

Exodus 8:16-32 (Read Here)

Week 8: Devotional

God Has a Name

Did you know that God has a special name? A name that only certain people get to call God? Would you want to know what it is? We get a glimpse of it in Exodus 3. There’s this epic moment where God speaks to Moses through the burning bush and God tells Moses that he is to go to Egypt and speak to Pharoah. Moses asks God, “who should I say has sent me?” and God says, “The LORD”. That’s the special name! But why is “LORD” in all caps? Are you supposed to say the name yelling? Is that just a special punctuation style? In Exodus 6 God reveals to Moses that in the past, God did not make Himself known by the name “LORD”, but instead “God Almighty”. Why the change? In the Hebrew, “LORD” is translated YHWH and it was the name that only God’s people could call Him. No other people had the right to call God by that name. This makes the name of God special.

God has a name and out of all the things that He wants to reveal about Himself is that He is an intimate God! I love how God speaks about the relationship He has with us. “I will take you to be my people, and I will be your God, and you shall know that I am the LORD your God…” (Exo. 6:7).God’s name communicates far more to us than what we actually believe to be true about God. God wants His people to know that He is personal, present, and faithful. The beauty of God’s name is that it’s a reminder to us. A reminder that the God over all of the universe desires us. A reminder that we are able to call upon His name and know that He will come to us. A reminder that while God desires intimacy, He is also holy and mighty to save.

God has a name and it is one that is above every other name. God is the one who would redeem Israel and set them free from their captivity in Egypt. God would bring them to the promised land and He would be their good and righteous King. Just as God did that with Israel, God is doing that with us now. God’s name lets us know that God is our salvation at this very moment. That He can set you free from anything. That He will bring you into the promised land of His presence and forever be in relationship with you.

How then will you approach God this week? Will you pray to Him as though He is distant or will you, in faith, speak to Him knowing that He is close to you? Will you offer small prayers to Him or will you boldly pray for things that only the God of our salvation can provide? Will you talk to God as though He’s just a source of power or will you talk to God as though He’s your Father? God has a name and He wants you to know it so that you would run to Him for all the days of your life.