Young Adults - Week 7: God’s Mighty Hand - Mosaic Church

Week 7: Reading

Monday, March 6th

Exodus 1 (Read Here)

Tuesday, March 7th

Exodus 2 (Read Here)

Wednesday, March 8th

Exodus 3 (Read Here)

Thursday, March 9th

Exodus 4:1-17 (Read Here)

Friday, March 10th

Exodus 4:18-31 (Read Here)

Week 7: Devotional

God’s Mighty Hand

Exodus is my favorite book of the Bible. (Hey, I’m Cass, your host for this week.)

In Genesis, we get a setup of the world, the downfall of mankind–from beautiful creation to utter chaos, to God’s plan to use one family to bring humanity back to wholeness. In Exodus, we continue the story or God’s redemptive plan for Israel while God, most importantly, reveals Himself in a whole new way. We all have misconceptions or incorrect assumptions about who God is, and I pray with my whole heart that God would reveal himself to you in a new way through this Exodus journey. That you would find God long-suffering, overflowing with grace, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love.

I’ve read this book quite a few times, but this time around, here’s what stood out to me in the first few chapters, the birth, and call of Moses: The Mighty Hand of God (Exodus 3:19). He chooses Moses, knowing exactly who he is and what he is (or isn’t) capable of or qualified for. It’s God that equips, steadies, and qualifies Moses. His Mighty Hand acts, performing signs and wonders both alone and through the human hand of Moses. He is capable of any task, any miracle through any human hand. He delivers, He chooses, He holds, He rescues. This is a side of God these generations of Israel have never seen and, for the whole book, struggle to comprehend.

It’s God’s mighty hand that reaches out to you and me–beckoning, pushing, pulling, waving, pointing. May we take His hand today and let Him lead us into freedom, into fresh life, into the depths with the Spirit. Father, reveal yourself to us this week in a way we have never seen. Show us your glory, and leave us in awe of who you are. Amen.