Young Adults - Week 2: Jesus and His Powerful Ministry - Mosaic Church

Week 2: Reading

Monday, January 30th

Mark 5 (Read Here)

Tuesday, January 31st

Mark 6 (Read Here)

Wednesday, February 1st

Mark 7 (Read Here)

Thursday, February 2nd

Mark 8 (Read Here)

Friday, February 3rd

Mark 9 (Read Here)

Week 2: Devotional

Jesus and His Powerful Ministry

In Mark, we immediately are reading about Jesus’ ministry, teaching his disciples, the crowds, Jesus performing miracles, successively, one account after another. These are beautiful truths and testimonies of the Gospel, we want to get soak it all in but it may feel daunting to keep track. While we are reading, events may get jumbled up, some nuances may get lost making us feel lost at times, so let’s slow down. We can tease out four things to look out for 

  1. Jesus as the True Israelite – models for us service, suffering and true submission to God’s Word.
  2. Jesus as the Son of God – He is sent by the Father, the Messiah, the Servant.
  3. The Gospel as the Power of God – Preaching and teaching the Gospel message not just as theological truths but as the power of God.
  4. The Mission to the Gentiles – Was just as interested in the Gentiles as much as He was for the Jews. 

Through this week’s portion of reading, Jesus is already at work, He is actively displaying the power that He possesses, teaching as He goes to the Disciples and on some occasions the crowd. Imagine as we read, the disciples seeing the ministry of Jesus. His words and acts are not composed of empty religion, Christ words are unfolding, coming to life, right before the Disciples eyes. What is Jesus revealing to the Disciples and to us? Himself and the work of His ministry. 

Crowds are pouring in, following Jesus for days, Disciples are being sent by Jesus to emulate Himself. Makes me wonder, like many probably did in Jesus time, why is Jesus becoming so renowned? Not just by the Jews but also to the Gentiles? Through all the teaching, preaching and works, Jesus has brought the Kingdom of God, in addition has brought Himself, offering these elements to the people, including us, freely, indiscriminately, for all to see and hear. Miracles come and go but Jesus remains forever, so through these chapters lets behold our God and the purpose for these miracles and words. 


  1. We see throughout Mark, people coming to Jesus for various, distressed, reasons. Where in your life do you desperately want to see God intervene?
  2. It is true God wilfully tends to our needs but do you find yourself believing God is too busy attending to the needs and comforts of everyone else and overlooks you or your case isn’t a priority?
  3. We see in Chapter 7, the Pharisees hold fast to human traditions over God’s commands. Have you ever stopped to ask God, could this be true of me?
  4. We also see in Chapter 7 what defiles a person, what recently have you noticed come out of your heart? 
  5. Chapter 8, there is much speculation on who Jesus actually is, what He has come to do. Jesus asks his disciples what they think He is. Peter declares Jesus is the Messiah. What does it mean Jesus is the Messiah/Christ? Do you actually believe that? What does it mean for us that Jesus is the Messiah?
  6. Reread Mark 8:34-38, as disciples we are called to “lose our lives” for the sake of Christ and the Gospel, to not be ashamed. Do you find yourself recently preserving yourself? What makes it scary to proclaim Christ publicly?