Week 1: Reading

Monday, January 23rd

Mark 1:1-15 (Read Here)

Tuesday, January 24th

Mark 1:16-45 (Read Here)

Wednesday, January 25th

Mark 2 (Read Here)

Thursday, January 26th

Mark 3 (Read Here)

Friday, January 27th

Mark 4 (Read Here)

Week 1: Devotional

Presence with Jesus and Proclaiming the Gospel

Hey guys! It’s Jen Richardson. I am so excited to be starting this bible reading plan with you. Reading and studying God’s word is one of my greatest joys and I couldn’t be more excited to be doing it all together as a young adult community. 

Today we are jumping into the book of Mark! Yay! This first week we are reading Mark chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4.  I decided that our focus would be on a few verses in each chapter that could help guide our prayers. Praying through the scriptures really helps me move from just head knowledge of what I am reading to allowing the Holy Spirit to move and transform my heart. 

Let’s dive in!

Mark 1

In Mark 1, I was continually drawn to verses 14-15 “Jesus came into Galilee, proclaiming the gospel of God, and saying “The time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel” So good, right? The King has come!! And He has come for salvation of sins and He has come to pay the price for our salvation. Now that is the good news of the gospel! What then, should be our response? We need to repent and believe just like Jesus says.  It’s turning from ourselves and our sin and a turning to Jesus. Trusting in Him as our savior and the Lord of our lives. What an invitation! So the big question today is: Have you repented from your sin and turned and believed in Jesus? Have you only been going through the motions? What’s been keeping you back? Maybe right now is the time to accept the loving invitation of Jesus and pray and ask for the forgiveness of your sins. If this is the case come let us know on Thursday night!! We would be honored and love to pray with you. If you are already a believer spend this week praying and asking God who it is in your life that you can proclaim this gospel to today! Who needs to know the King has come! Lord, empower us through your Spirit to be bold and couragous and share this invitation. Also Lord, keep our own hearts soft and open to repentance, keeping our eyes fixed on you. Amen. 

Mark 2

Mark 2: In verse 5 Jesus turns to the Paralytic and says “Son, your sins are forgiven.” It’s just so powerful! Let’s let these 5 words lead us into praise and worship in our prayers as we thank Jesus for his authority to not only heal sickness and disease like in this paralytic man but to first and foremost forgive our sins, restoring us to our Heavenly Father. Lord, would you also give us a bold and confident faith like these friends who stopped at nothing to get their friend in front of Jesus. They trusted that it was the only thing good for him. Let us be that kind of friend to others who need to be pointed to you. Also, that we might have a deep and rooted faith that depends solely on you for the healing of our souls and our good in all things in our lives. Amen

Mark 3

Mark 3: Do you ever wonder “what is my purpose?” Let’s look at verse 14 and see what Jesus has to say: “And he appointed twelve (whom he also named apostles) so that they might be with him and he might send them out to preach.” TO BE WITH HIM! Did you catch that?  He appointed them so they might be with Him. You are appointed, called as a follower of Christ TO BE WITH CHRIST. Then out of this deep love and communion you are sent out to tell others that they can be with him too! Are you seeing a theme for this week? Lord, may we know you and enjoy your presence. Thank you God that we get to be with you. Teach us to love You and accept Your perfect love. Holy Spirit guide us as we are sent out to share this love and presence with others. Amen 

Mark 4

Mark 4: What storm do you have swirling around your life right now? Are you prone to respond like the disciples in verse 38, assuming Jesus doesn’t care? Let’s stop and pray asking the Lord to remind us he is always with us. Even in the storms. The same Jesus that had authority over the wind and waves is the same Jesus that holds all authority over your storm as well. Lord, let us trust that you see us – and not just that you see us – but that you will sustain us in the midst of hardship and struggle. We ask for help and we praise you for the promise to be with us always. Amen