Jesus Storybook Bible: Lent Guide

Dear friends, little and big (and grown-ups, you can stay too, it’s okay) —

Before the beginning of time, God had a wonderful plan. He knew things would go wrong with his perfect world. He knew his children would run from him and break his world and his heart. Even though it was never meant to be this way. He knew, when his children ran from him, sin would come into his perfect world—and sickness and tears and dying would come. But God had a plan. He would come down and rescue his children. He would send his Great Rescuer, Jesus. And together they would pull off the greatest Rescue the world has ever known…

Recommended Reading Plan for the Week of Easter

Wednesday: Read “The Servant King”
Thursday: Read “A Dark Night in the Garden”
Friday: Read “The Sun Stops Shining”
Saturday: Make Resurrection Rolls
Sunday: Read “God’s Wonderful Surprise”
Monday: Read “Going Home”