Expectations for Students

In an effort to ensure that our Wednesday Night Student Gatherings are safe, fun, wholesome, and above all, honoring to God, we have created a set of expectations that we desire each of our students to abide by.

1. Honor God and others by submitting to authority.

  • This includes Small Group Leaders, Coaches, Safety team and Staff.

2. Honor God and others by being present.

  • Stay in the building.
  • Stay with the scheduled elements: Lobby, Worship, Fun, Teaching, Small Groups.
  • Stay engaged with what’s going on. Not being distracted by cell phones or other people. Not distracting others.

3. Honor God and others by caring for our church building.

  • Clean up after yourselves.
  • Do not go to areas not designated for Mosaic Students. (i.e Coffee Bar, kitchen, etc)
  • Do not take what is not designated for Mosaic Students (items belonging to other ministries, water bottles, snack bar items for sale).

4. Honor God and others with what you do.

  • No drugs, alcohol, vaping, cutting, smoking, fighting or anything that will harm or negatively affect yourself or others (No Illegal Activities).
  • No PDA.

5. Honor God and others with what you say.

  • Build each other up, not tear each other down.
  • Use clean language.

6. Honor God and others with what you wear.

  • Whether you are male or female, your behind, underwear, belly or chest should not be showing.