Building Bible Skills at Home

Babies & Toddlers

3 mths – 2 yrs

  • Encourage them to touch the Bible as your share that it is a special book.
  • Using your hand to guide theirs, help them to turn the pages of the Bible. As you turn it, point out the name of the Bible book and characters.
  • Tell a brief Bible story.


3 – 5 yrs

  • Write the name of a Bible person on a piece of paper and help preschoolers find a matching name in the Bible.
  • Gather toy musical instruments or pots and pans. Create a rhythm while you practice saying a Bible verse or phrase of a Bible verse.
  • Place a Bible marker in the Bible at a verse (ex: 1 John 4:16b). Help your preschooler open to the verse and practice repeating the words or phrases after you (ex: God is love).

Younger Kids

kindergarten – 4th grade

  • Name a book of the Bible for younger kids to find in their own Bible. Help them use the table of contents as needed.
  • Select a verse and challenge the kids to memorize it. Find fun and unexpected places to write the verse to help them remember the challenge.
  • Help kids develop the habit of daily Bible reading by helping them pick a book of the Bible to read a chapter from every day.

Older Kids

5th & 6th grade

  • Guide kids to use Bible atlas, the maps in the back of a Bible, or a map online to locate important places in the Bible story (ex: Jerusalem).
  • Challenge them to open to a Bible book you name on their first flip or turn.
  • Name a Bible book and invite them to name the book that comes before and after it.