Photo of Melo Sauval

Melo Sauval

Church Planter Resident

It was through a college ministry that I first heard the beauty of the gospel and encountered Jesus. As my love for God and His Word began to grow, so did my desire to teach the Bible and lead and share the gospel with others. I love tech (mostly Apple) and discovering new music across different genres (except for metal—can’t mess with that), so much so that I got a Music Business degree from Full Sail University. It was not long after the Lord saved me that I decided to go on a 180-day journey around the world to find the most beautiful woman in all the land and ask her for her hand in marriage. I have been married to that same woman (Nicole) for nine years. In that time, God has given us three beautiful children, Malachi, Josiah, and Genesis.

Nicole and I have served and led together in ministry for years, and God has continued to fan the flame of our desires to reach the unredeemed spaces of our city with the gospel. In 2019 I became a Church Planter Resident at Mosaic and came on staff in January 2020 on the Discipleship team as the Deacon Onboarding Coordinator. I am currently working on a Masters of Divinity in Church Planting at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. My family is super excited to be sent out by Mosaic to plant One Family Church this year in Apopka, Florida! Our desire is to be a multi-ethnic church that will glorify God and expand His family by making disciples! Let’s Go!!!