Marissa Martin - Mosaic Church
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Marissa Martin

Church Administrator

I’m a Pennsylvania native, but now after 4 ½ years in Florida, I can confidently say that this is home. During my Disney College Program in 2016, I attended WDW Mosaic for the first time with my roommate’s guy friend. I wasn’t a Christian at the time, and only went to spend more time with this guy. A few months later, I came to know Jesus, and became a fiance to said roommate’s friend. Lane and I got married in 2018 and immediately moved down to Florida so I could start working for Disney full time.

Lane and I are now on staff together at this wonderful place we get to call our church and home! We’re so undeserving of God’s grace and goodness in our lives. He is faithful, loving, and never leaves our side – thank goodness. We have seen him move mountains, provide everything from nothing, and He has changed our hearts in radical ways. Again, thank goodness.

Outside of being at the front desk, you’ll find me walking around at Disney, reading books, snuggling with our dog Milo, or watching movies (specifically Christmas movies year round). I love to talk and take the time to get to know everyone, especially over boba tea or coffee, so please reach out if you’d like to chat!