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Lydia Paterson


Much like exotic coffee beans, my roots were grown in the rich volcanic soil of Java, an island of Indonesia. I was 11 years old when my family dug up those roots and replanted them in U.S. soil to be cultivated and transformed by God. Throughout my teen years and into adulthood, God has woven my life with meaningful moments that fostered a strong passion to encourage others through their journey of discovering their identity in Christ.

I’ve been a part of Mosaic Church for 11+ years and am a mom of twin teens. With 17+ years of experience in creative entrepreneurship, 6 years experience in Mosaic Students as a small group leader, and 4+ years in coaching/mentoring, I am excited to continue to live out my passion and purpose by nurturing, growing, and equipping the female student ministry small group leaders in their relationship with Christ and with their students.

In the midst of that, I love people, coffee, traveling, cooking and eating food, working out, movies and bunnies.