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Lane Martin

Creative Communication

I have been a professional designer and illustrator for the last 7 years working in many different fields from freelance to being in-house with an advertising agency. I’ve learned a lot and have been incredibly fortunate to apply those skills to help others grow in their goals and dreams. I was born in Iowa and spent all of my childhood in Kansas where my dad pastored. In 2016, I moved to Orlando and participated in the Disney College Program where I met my wife, Marissa. After our programs ended we both went back to our respective home states and in 2018 we got married. Immediately following we made the move back to Orlando where we began regularly attending Mosaic. I now get to use the gifts God has given me and the knowledge I’ve acquired to glorify and honor Jesus to the best of my abilities. Through every project, may God be magnified!

My wife and I have a dog named Milo who we love very much. Personally, I have many hobbies and interests, from playing as many rounds of golf as I can to baking all of the cinnamon rolls and cookies my family could possibly eat. In all that I do, I desire to know God more. I will always trust Him in His faithfulness, kindness, and unsurpassing love for every single one of us.