Photo of Keith Winter

Keith Winter

Media Production Specialist

I’ve been at serving at Mosaic in some form or another since I started attending in 2007. Back then it was helping Andy and Aaron start and lead Mosaic’s Young Adult ministry, and I’ve also sang and played percussion on the worship team, but the place God keeps calling me to (even from a young age) is the Production/Tech/IT side of things. I work on the Creative Team here at Mosaic – playing around with Graphic Design in my early years at Mosaic inspired me to go for my second Bachelor’s degree, this time in Graphic Design – but I also am involved in the Production (Technical Director/Production Lead) and IT side of things. I have to continually remind myself how truly blessed I am to be able to use the gifts God has given me for His church.

I met my wife Lauren through Mosaic – we met in Young Adults and she forced me to be her friend. After years of friendship, we eventually gave dating a shot, dated for three years, and then got married in 2018! We have 2 cats (Miso and Cheeto) and a dog (Mochi) and it’s crazy to me how much love and joy our little family brings to my life on a daily basis.