Photo of Josh Neal

Josh Neal

Production Coordinator

I’ve been on staff at Mosaic since 2013. I started out helping with the launch of our original Winter Garden Campus and had the privilege of learning and growing during the years I was there. I’m now in charge of production for all campuses, including gatherings, events, Mosaic Students, and various other opportunities. I help shepherd our amazing team of volunteers who run audio, lighting, graphics, cameras, and broadcasting for our live stream multiple times each week.

I married my wife, Amy, in 2009, and we now have two boys, JR and Jax. I love getting to see my sons experience stuff for the first time and hope that they grow to love God and his people. I also enjoy music (I’ve been drumming for 25 years now), Crossfit (the camaraderie that comes with it is awesome), and disc golf (some might call me a bit of a fanatic).

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