Photo of John Palmer

John Palmer

Lay Elder

Though my parents took me to church when I was young, I rejected it as a teenager because of the hypocrisy I witnessed in the people around me. Thankfully, God continued to pursue me and I truly encountered Jesus in my third year of college. I felt immediately called to missions and spent 21 years in interdenominational ministries in the US, then Europe, and, eventually, Brazil—where I met my wife, Teresa, during a homeschooling conference. She now runs a pre-K Montessori school and I work in the world of hospitality.

My primary passion is helping people discover the utterly amazing world of the Bible and its accessibility. It’s easier to tackle and understand than most tend to think. I also enjoy vacationing (particularly cruises), riding the Flowrider (simulated surfing), and RVing.

Teresa and I came to Mosaic to see what two of our children were up to in their student ministry. Upon our first visit, we almost instantly felt at home. That was “many moons” ago. Since then, I have served as a deacon and elder.