John Hibbits - Mosaic Church
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John Hibbits

Lay Elder

I came to faith through my best friend in grade school, and we are still close friends to this day! My first touch point to Mosaic was in 2010, right around when Brady and Jen White first joined the story here. At the time, I was a seasonal cast member at Disney World, so my family and I didn’t live here until we moved to Florida in November of 2021, and we’ve been attending Mosaic ever since.

My full-time remote job is in real estate, and I have the joy of also being a part-time cast member still at Disney so that I can share the Gospel directly with cast members. My wife Meredith and I have a passion to serve the WDW campus in many ways including hosting a community group, premarital counseling, discipleship, volunteering on the shuttle squad (which drives people from Disney College Program Housing to Mosaic at WDW and back), and leading the production team.