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Jason Rewis

Students / Elder

The Lord saved me in 1997 at 23 years old. I married my wife, Leslie, the same year, and our daughter Grace was born in 2002. I like traveling. So much so that, even around our home of Orlando, my family spends a lot of time acting like tourists—going to theme parks, dinner shows, and staying in resorts. My favorite things to do on “my time” are reading, writing Bible study curriculums for teenagers, and teaching the Bible whenever the opportunity arises.

I have served students and families since 1999, and now I have the privilege of equipping middle and high school guys’ small group leaders along with serving on the preaching team in Mosaic’s Student ministry. I inadequately love Jesus, I imperfectly love my family, and I insufficiently love my neighbors. But I know the One who transforms lives, and He’s helping me do better every day.