Photo of Heidi Kirk

Heidi Kirk

Mix 56 Coordinator

I have been in ministry for seven years and taught in a public school in between. I married my husband in November of 2011 and have three adorable little boys. I was born in Massachusetts but spent the majority of my school-age years in Florida. As the Mix 56 Coordinator, I oversee the preteen ministry on Sundays, including editing the curriculum and setting the environment. I also work closely with Mosaic’s student ministry every year as our sixth graders transition to seventh grade.

A few of my favorite things are baking, Disney, and Crossfit. I especially enjoy watching baking shows and trying to recreate them at home. My husband and I love to have friends over and sit outside around the fire pit. It gives us a chance to be silent (or talk) and view all of the beauty God has created.

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