Photo of Hannah Busekrus

Hannah Busekrus

Creative Project Manager

I am plagued with what my husband calls a “fuego” for making things—or rather life—better. I believe there’s value in simplicity, strategy, quality, creativity, and relationships. I came on staff at Mosaic in 2018 as the Creative team’s Project Manager and unofficial copywriter. Every day I get to work with a team of talented people to illustrate just a glimpse of the magnitude of the gospel through narrative and design.

In 2019, I gained a strange last name and a new co-pilot for life. We were recently joined by our collectively favorite human being, who we hope will be the first of… however many. We enjoy lots of things: going on walks, marking up books, Taika Waititi movies, cauliflower tacos, the John Mark Mcmillan Live at the Knight album, morning visits to the skate park, and trips to see family in Hawaii. Right now my absolute favorite thing might be getting five consecutive hours of sleep.