Photo of Deb Moline

Deb Moline

Counseling & Recovery Director

I had the awesome privilege of growing up in a Godly home and had a good understanding of who I am in Christ from the beginning of my story. I always had an inkling that I wanted to help others realize their freedom and identity in Christ. So, I pursued a degree in Psychology from North Central University. I married my amazing husband, Bill, in 1985, and spent the next 20 years raising and homeschooling our four children. (Best job ever!) During that time, Bill and I worked with several marriage ministries, and our passion for helping couples grew. We moved from the frosty midwest to Florida in 2001 and are never going back! We started attending Mosaic in 2005 (it was made up of about 20 people at that time), and in 2008 I came on staff full-time to develop our counseling program. I’ve worn many different hats during my years here. Currently, I am focusing on the things I’m most passionate about: counseling, recovery, marriages, and women’s ministry.

I love to travel (cruising is my favorite), read (especially novels), spend time with my grown children, hang out with my husband, as well as do coffee (or lunch…or wine) with friends. I would be remiss if I did not also mention my fabulous, handsome, and brilliant dog, Remington, since cuddling and playing with him are some of my favorite things as well. (I hope it’s not wrong to use three adjectives to describe my dog and only one to describe my husband…)

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