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Cesar Contreras

Pastor of Young Adults

I am a Brooklyn Native who has been part of the Mosaic family for the last five years. I always told my parents I would never move to Florida, and well… now I truly understand why people say, “never say never.” I am just about to finish my Master’s in Counseling and plan to finish off my M.Div over time. What this really means is that I’m always down to nerd out over theology while drinking some good coffee and hearing about how God has uniquely made you.

The biggest change in my story as of late has been meeting and falling in love with Rachel (We got engaged this year)! We’ll be getting married in Tennessee, and I can’t wait to spend forever with my best friend. So, if you ever wanna hear a cute and sappy love story, just come find me, and I’ll tell you just like it was the first time.

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