Photo of Caleb Carine

Caleb Carine

Students Director

I was 17 when I had the major epiphany of just how much God uses your teenage years to help you discover and develop your faith. I couldn’t help but look around and notice friends on the way to graduating high school— some with their faith genuine and the driving factor of their life and others with it as a burden to get rid of when they moved out of their parents’ home. Since then, I’ve been devoted to helping teenagers at Mosaic experience what it means to know God and make Him known; namely how to be an authentic follower of Jesus Christ that lays a foundation for the beginning years of their adulthood that will last into eternity.

I love spending time with people enjoying sports, food, ice cream, great movies, books, and more! I love hearing people’s stories and encouraging them in their gifts, callings, and dreams. And I love daily seeking to live on-mission to serve others as best I can in my home, neighborhood, city, and around the world.