Caleb Carine - Mosaic Church
Photo of Caleb Carine

Caleb Carine

Students Director

Caleb was compelled at a young age by the extravagant kindness of God and has been following Him with his life ever since. His family started coming to Mosaic during his freshman year of high school. Since then, Caleb began to see the radical grace of God in a new way as Scripture was brought to life, broken relationships started reconciling, hidden sin was joyfully brought to the light, and his mind was renewed day by day, which brought peace to his anxious soul, and he desired to and living sacrificially so that Christ would be made much of in my life and that others may see, experience, and come to know Jesus through him.

Caleb has served on staff for many years and in many roles, and he’s excited for this next season, where he will get to continue to be a part of the Students team as well as leading our Mosaic Internship program.