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September 2023 – Newsletter

Happy Fall Everyone!

We have begun our new curriculum, The Gospel Project, and are loving it! We just finished learning that God created everything and everything was created for His glory! For the month of September, we will be learning about sin, how it entered the world, and the effects it has on us.

As you pick up your children from Mosaic Kids on Sunday, make sure you receive our new “Big Picture Card” which sums up what was taught and provides activities during the week to keep discovering more!

September at a Glance:

Week 1: Sin Entered the World (Genesis 3)
Week 2: Sin Spread to People (Genesis 4–5)
Week 3: God Spared Noah (Genesis 6–10)
Week 4: People Rebel Against God (Genesis 10–11)

Our Big Picture Question

Why did God create everything? God created everything for His glory and our good.

Key Passage: For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God – Romans 3:23

Spiritual Discipline: Prayer

Great News... we are looking to decrease your wait time at kid check so you have more time to chat with friends and connect with people in the lobby! This will allow you to check your child in on your phone and print the nametags at a kid-check kiosk when you arrive. You can download the kidcheck app (below), check-in on your phone, and complete check-in upon arrival.



Upcoming Events

There are always things going on in Mosaic Kids! Here are just a few of them coming up soon.

Child dedication is a beautiful part of community life at Mosaic. In it, we recognize that God is the author and keeper of our children’s lives, and we, as His church, get to participate in that story. This is a great time to invite friends and family to come celebrate with you as you commit to raising your child to know and follow Jesus. The next dedications will be happening on September 30th.



November 4th

Buddy Break

This is a free, family-respite program founded by Nathaniel’s Hope that we host. At Buddy Break, kids with special needs (and their siblings) can make new friends while their parents/caretakers get a break from their ongoing responsibilities for two hours on a Saturday morning once a month. Kids are teamed up for the day with a Buddy, alongside whom they play games and enjoy crafts, activities, therapy dogs, and other memorable moments.

Email to sign up and/or request more information.

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