We're so excited that you're planning to join us!

Visiting a new church can be intimidating and bring on loads of questions, so we’ve filled this email with helpful tips and information that will ensure your first experience at Mosaic is enjoyable and impactful.

So take a look and get an inside peek at what to expect on a Sunday at Mosaic.


Helpful Tip #1


If you arrive close to when the gathering begins, you’ll notice that the parking lot can get quite full. We have a parking team that remains out in the lot through the first 15 minutes of the gathering to ensure that everyone finds a spot, but if you’re still having trouble finding a spot, there are always a few extra spaces behind our building that you’re welcome to use. These spaces are typically utilized by our volunteers, but if you’re in a pinch and don’t mind using the back door, you are more than welcome to use them!

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Helpful Tip #2

Dress Comfortably

We have no particular dress code at Mosaic. Come as you are! Dress in whatever makes you feel comfortable. Some people like to dress up a bit, but for the most part, you’ll find people tend to wear fairly casual clothing.

Our sanctuary can tend to feel a bit chilly. If you’re someone who prefers to stay warm, we recommend bringing a sweatshirt or light jacket so that you can be as comfortable as possible.


Helpful Tip #3


At our 11:17 gathering, we offer ASL Interpreting, as well as Spanish and Portuguese translations.

Our ASL interpreter is located in the front, right of the sanctuary (close to where the piano is on the stage). We have chairs reserved in that space specifically designated for those who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing.

For assistance with our Spanish and Portuguese translation app, visit the “translation” (Traducción/Tradução) kiosk in the lobby.


Helpful Tip #4

Yup, the coffee is free. Even the lattes!

In addition to drip coffee, we also have a full coffee bar serving a variety of espresso drinks. All of these drinks are complimentary, though donations are welcome (all donations go directly to one of our local or global partners doing good work in the world).

The line can tend to get a bit long, so if you’d prefer a latte over drip coffee, be sure to show up early so you can be in the sanctuary before the gathering begins. The coffee bar opens 30 minutes prior to each gathering beginning. 

When you arrive, you'll notice people wearing blue tees (we affectionately call them "Blue Shirts") who are there to answer any questions you might have.


Helpful Tip #5

Including your Kids

We want every kid who walks through our doors to feel seen, known, and loved. We want them to experience the gospel in biblical community through the teaching, worship, small groups, and activities in our Sunday gatherings.

If you have children and would like to check them into Mosaic Kids (3 months – 4th grade) or Mosaic Students (5th – 6th grade) for a gathering contextualized for their age, there are two easy ways to do so. You can check them in after arriving at Mosaic by visiting the “1st Time” kiosk (found in the Kids area, just beyond the main lobby – you can’t miss it.). You can also check them in prior to arriving by using our “KidCheck” app. 

How to use the KidCheck App

If you’d prefer to have your kids in the gathering with you, we'd be glad to have them! In fact, we offer crayons along with clipboards that are full of fun activities that can help keep your child's attention as they sit beside you in the gathering. If needed, we also have earplugs available at our Connect Wall for those who may have sensitive hearing.



Helpful Tip #6

What to Expect in the Gathering

Our gatherings officially start at 9:02am & 11:17am but showing up 15 minutes early will be super helpful. It will give you plenty of time to do the things you may be interested in; grab a coffee and donut, check-in kids, and find a comfortable seat in the sanctuary.

Our Sunday gatherings are around 90 minutes and typically include corporate singing, teaching from the scriptures, communion or baptism, a blessing, and prayer.

We spend most of the year preaching through books of the Bible with occasional breaks for special gatherings centered on church-wide initiatives, Easter, and Christmas.

Current Series


We're currently working through the book of Hebrews which poses the question: Who is Jesus? Why does he matter? What does he have to do with the faith of the ancient Israelites? And, why does all that matter to us in our modern context? Journey with us as we travel through this incredible book and respond in faith while living in the sacrificial love that Jesus demonstrated.



Helpful Tip #7

Life beyond Sundays

Life at Mosaic doesn’t stop on Sunday afternoon. We have events, classes, and various community-based opportunities happening throughout the week. Some ongoing examples include:

  • Bible Studies and Learning Spaces
  • Mosaic Students Gatherings
  • Mosaic Young Adults Gatherings
  • Community Groups (meeting offsite)
  • Local and Global Missional Opportunities

This list is just the start! Our website calendar is a great resource to learn about everything happening at Mosaic and how you can get involved.

We also encourage you to jump into what we call ‘Join the Story,’ which can help you determine if Mosaic is the right fit to be your home church.

Last but not least!

We hope this email has been helpful and has you excited about visiting Mosaic and worshiping alongside us. If you're interested in learning even more about the Sunday experience at Mosaic, visit our website! If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out. Shoot us an email at connect@thisismosaic.org, and we’ll get back to you shortly. We hope to see you here soon!



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