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Happy Thursday, Parents!

Can’t believe it’s already the end of 2023. We truly hope your hearts are able to experience the joy of parenting in this often busier season.

Your students are such a gift to us and we have loved joining you in helping them grow in their faith this semester. As we wrap up the year and head into 2024 we wanted to make sure you were aware of some upcoming things:

CAMP 2024
Last night we excitedly announced all the good things about Camp 2024!! Here’s a note from our Camp Coordinator, Felicia.

Hey, Parents- I am so stinking excited for camp this year!! There is really something special about leaving the daily hum of our routines and going off together to seek deeper depths of the Bible together. For the 3rd summer, we will be heading to the mountains of South Carolina at Awanita Christian Retreat Center from June 2-7th.
This is not a camp you want to miss (seriously…talk to any student who has come!) if you are hesitant or have questions feel free to email me at Otherwise, if you’re still reading and are as excited as I am, go ahead and register by visiting!

That’s right!! We’re going back to South Carolina, and as a little Christmas gift, we launched registration last night! We are praying that camp this year is a powerful and memorable life-changing week for everyone of our students, and we recognize that sending your kid off to camp in another state for a week is a huge commitment so we are working hard on some resources for your students that will help them prepare for camp in every way. We plan to have those coming to you all in the new year.

The Rest of 2023 and the Start of 2024

December 13th – Normal Students Gathering
December 20th – Christmas Party at the Church
December 27th – OFF
January 3rd – OFF
January 10th – Spring Kickoff

To wrap up, we know that parenting is no joke and yet is also one of the greatest privileges of your life. Just as a reminder, here is a resource that has been insurmountably helpful to us over the last few years in understanding this generation and how to have deeper conversations with them as they navigate the ever changing realities of our culture and world.

Blessings to each of you and your families this Christmas!

-Mosaic Students Staff


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