Serve With Kids & Students

Summer is meant for fun and adventure…

And, genuinely, there’s possibly no bigger adventure than getting involved in others’ lives—especially those a few years or even a generation, or two, or three younger than you. So, we invite (challenge you…double-dog dare) you to volunteer some of your time to serving in Mosaic Kids or Students this upcoming season.

Mosaic Kids

Volunteer on Sunday Mornings

We believe it’s vital that we make access to the gospel, the wonder of Christ, and biblical community a reality for our kids in every possible way with every opportunity.

Because we want to encourage a culture of cross-generational discipleship, students and young adults lead in Mosaic Kids alongside parents and grandparents. All of our volunteers attend training throughout the year and participate in a pre-gathering meeting on Sundays when they serve. During this time, they explore that day’s teaching in-depth and may even play one of the games planned for that day. Ultimately, we want our volunteers to feel inspired and equipped to share biblical truth and build genuine relationships with the kids they serve.

Volunteer for VBS (June 7th-11th)

We’d love for you to volunteer and adventure along with us during this week! We currently have a need for Crew and Room Leaders for both preschool and elementary school age groups.

You don’t need to already be a Mosaic Kids volunteer to join us. In fact, volunteering for VBS is a great first step to considering becoming a Mosaic Kids volunteer on Sundays! We ask that volunteers be 12 years or older.

Volunteer for Mix Olympics (June 28th-July 1st)

Having missed it last year, we are pumped to bring our Mix56 summer camp back this June! It’s not only a regular highlight for our students but also our Mix staff and volunteers as we enjoy worship, teaching, and some seriously legendary games together.

This year, through all of that, we’ll explore the power of putting on the armor of God as described by Paul in Ephesians.

We’d love for you to join us as a team leader! You don’t need to already be a Mosaic Kids volunteer. In fact, volunteering for Mix Olympics is a great first step to considering becoming a Mix 56 volunteer on Sundays.

Mosaic Students

God is inviting the emerging generation to see, know, and pursue Him in freedom and with boldness. Through worship, teaching, and discipleship, we celebrate this invitation and partner with students in their journey of following Jesus.

Wednesday night gatherings are our main space for discipleship. The night is filled with games, teaching, worship, and small group environments. Here, students are inspired to let a relationship with God, His Word, and a biblical community radically shape their character, relationships, and purpose.