Justice & Mercy

Caring for vulnerable and at risk children

Prince of Peace is a home for girls in Guatemala City, Guatemala. They work to introduce each girl to a personal, saving relationship with Jesus Christ and to facilitate their spiritual growth toward full devotion of being on mission with God.

Their Story

“Al Sanchez couldn’t get the word “Guatemala” out of his mind! He didn’t know what it meant, or even where it was. But as he and his wife Marie prayed and began missionary training, the Lord sent Al to Guatemala to explore what it might mean. It didn’t take long to find out. His heart broke as he saw so many children living on the streets—dirty, hungry, some in cardboard boxes, some trying to earn money, some begging. He knew he had to do something to change that. But what? It all seemed so impossible. It eventually became clear to them that they should provide a home for girls in desperate need. Al and Marie were part of Immanuel’s Church, then still a small and young but very mission-minded church in Silver Spring, Maryland. Immanuel’s ordained them as missionaries and in August, 1985, sent them to Guatemala to establish the Home they had dreamed of starting.”


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