Hey Parents! We are looking for ways to connect with you! We get your kids 52 hours a year, the rest or the year they are all yours. The following are a few ways we are hoping to connect with you as you continue in this faith story with your kids.

Parent Forum

Share information with us so we can better serve your family. You can tell us who you are, or your response can be anonymous. If you are interested in shaping how we partner with parents, complete this three question survey.

Parent Partnership

Mosaic Kids is a growing ministry which sometimes may need your help to serve our families. There is no requirement for parents to serve, but we would like to invite you to serve with us once a month to help us keep our rooms open and care for our children. If you would be interested in being part of the parent partnership, your first step is to sign up.

Mosaic Kids Social Media

Connect with us over social media! Whether it’s through Facebook or Instagram (or both), this is a great way to connect with our staff through live videos and online discussion posts as well as get regular glimpses into what your kids are learning in their Mosaic Kids space.