9:02am & 11:17am*
*ASL interpreting and Spanish translation



Back in August we added two evening gathering times to our regular Sunday lineup. This has been a much-needed addition to Sunday, providing more room for community and connect in Mosaic Kids as well the lobby!

However, starting December 15th, we’ll be switching to just one evening gathering. Instead of a 4:02PM and 6:02PM, the new time will be 4:32PM. We initially tried two gatherings with the hope that this would be the most convenient way for those who call Mosaic home to be able to serve at one and attend the other. Over the last few months, we’ve found out that most people would prefer to serve at one in the morning and attend one in the evening (or vice versa), which means there is really no need for two evening gatherings. That’s okay! As a community, we want to encourage a church culture of flexibility, trying new things, learning and adjusting.

So, starting on Sunday December 15th, our new Sunday gathering times will be 9:02AM, 11:17AM and 4:32PM. Full kids ministry will be available at all three. If you were one of the volunteers that gave extra time to get these gatherings launched, thank you! We hope you can still join us at the 4:32PM!