We believe foster care is one way God can use us to care for vulnerable children right here in our own community.

We love seeing missional families step into the foster care journey. Through foster care we get to participate with God in His redemptive purpose in the world as vulnerable children experience the love of God through the love of a caring, safe family.

In a perfect world each child grows up in a safe, stable and loving family of their own. Unfortunately, this is not reality. Today in Central Florida, more than 1,700 children are not able to sleep in their own beds due to neglect or abuse.

Children come into foster care through no fault of their own. They are removed from their homes because their parents are unable to provide the care they need. Sometimes it’s because they never learned good parenting skills. Sometimes it’s because of substance abuse, mental illness, poverty, or domestic violence. Ultimately, the goal of foster care is to help these families overcome challenges so their children may remain at home safely.

Foster parents provide the stability, structure and acceptance needed during this scary, traumatic time. In a period of chaos, our foster parents are the anchors our children hold onto until it is safe to return home. —Embrace Families 

Great foster parents feel called to provide loving, temporary homes for children who have suffered abuse, abandonment, and neglect. This calling springs from their innermost selves and deepest convictions – the feeling that it is their personal mission to care for children who have suffered. Those with this sense of purpose find that the rewards of foster parenting far outweigh the challenges. They act out of love and receive joy in return. – Kids Central 

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Watch the story of Alli and Troy, a foster care and adoption journey from within our community.

Have additional questions about becoming a foster parent? Talk to our Mosaic Adoption & Foster Care (MAFC) Coordinator, Melanie