We love our superheroes. We love their strength and bravery and how they use their special powers and super weapons to save the day. Whether it’s a lasso that forces truth telling or a trident that manipulates water, it’s always exciting to watch!

What about in real life? We all want to be strong and courageous. We all want to say we would be brave when faced with fear. But how? What can help us be brave? How can our preschoolers be strong and courageous SUPER KIDS without the capes and super powers we see in the movies? This month we plan on giving preschoolers the answers to all of these questions while having some superhero fun!

We want our preschoolers to grow up knowing that they can be brave, because God is with them. Yep! God can help them be brave! And they don’t even need a cape or a mask!

WEEK 1 Week one, preschoolers will hear an all time favorite story about Daniel in the lions’ den.

Story Focus: God is with me so I can be brave. Daniel was brave because he knew that God was with him. Daniel continued to pray because he knew it was the right thing to do, and when he ended up in the lion’s den, God sent an angel to save him.

WEEK 2 Next, preschoolers will learn all about Gideon and how he bravely went into battle with just torches, pots, and trumpets.

Story Focus: God knows everything so I can be brave. God told Gideon he would win the battle, and Gideon trusted God to know everything and be with him as he fought the much bigger army.

WEEK 3 During week three, preschoolers will hear about a big sister who had a very big job to do.

Story Focus: God helps me do big jobs so I can be brave. Miriam was tasked with watching out for her brother, Moses, when he was placed in a basket in the reeds. God was with her and helped her to be an excellent big sister.

WEEK 4 Finally, preschoolers will learn about Hezekiah, a mighty king who believed in a powerful God.

Story Focus: God is powerful so I can be brave.

Hezekiah knew his people needed God to save them from the coming battle. He led his people to prepare and then led them in prayer. God sent an angel to save the city!

How awesome would it be if preschoolers began thinking, ‘God can help me be brave’ when they are afraid to walk into the dentist office or talk to a new friend at school. Rather than shy away, THEY can go for it! Now THAT would be SUPER!”