Hannah Dennis — Nairobi, Kenya 

Hannah has been busy with travel and developing deeper friendships in Nairobi, while maintaining her role as a full-time language student. With the recent Mosaic trip to Axum, Ethiopia, she was also able to see her mom, and spend time with the short-term team there.

“Since my time in Kenya started, not a month has gone by where I haven’t seen someone from back home. This is such a special encouragement to me,” she says.

In school, Hannah is dealing with a change of language teachers, which leads to a lot of stress and frustration. Please continue to pray for encouragement and a smooth transition for her situation.

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McNerlin Family — Honduras 

After three weeks of visiting family, the McNerlin family has arrived, without any problems, in Honduras. They will be working with the Legacy of Hope organization while they are serving the people of Honduras. Please pray for a stress-free move into their new home, and that the family easily settles into their new life as they bring the light of Jesus to Honduras.

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Kate Shugart — Philippines

God is opening up exciting doors that are giving Kate a beautiful picture of God’s love for the Kanu people. Keep Kate in your prayers, asking God to reveal Himself to her and reveal His plans for the people she is serving. After 2+ years, Kate is preparing to leave the Philippines, to continue in the plan that God has set before her.

From her newsletter, she asks that we pray, “…that in the midst of anxiety, exhaustion, disappointment, joy, sadness, excitement and the myriad of other emotions that are sure to arise throughout this transitional period, I will focus my mind and attention on Jesus.”

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