DIGI-missionServeHannah Dennis — Kenya 

Hannah’s language classes are going well, and she finally feels comfortable speaking the language. She says that there is a lot of spiritual opposition in learning the language, because the enemy knows that there is so much heart in communicating with someone in their native language. She has just begun discipling a younger believer, Angie*, and asks for your prayers so that the two may relate well to each other.

*Name changed for privacy reasons

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The Teasdale Family — Kenya

After two years of work, Paul and Callie have finished their water source, which will be crucial to the supply of their home and their children’s home! All of this work was done in the hot sun, so they send their thanks to God and coffee milkshakes. From their prayer requests:

“Some days are really long and hard, but we get though them and we know it is greatly because of your support and prayers. Thank you, thank you! We still really need rain so please pray it will come in the Lord’s timing. Please continue to pray for peace  in our area and around Kenya and for wisdom and righteousness for Kenya’s leaders as well.”

Callie’s little one in due in either January or February — prayers for a safe and healthy rest of the pregnancy.


Ben & Rachel — North Africa

Rachel is learning to write and read in Arabic, and asks for prayers in remembering the words she has learned. Recently, they encouraged their language tutor, who is from a Muslim background, to write worship music in her own language.

Ben says, “God loves when people worship him in their own dialect and style.”

As always they ask for your prayers, that Jesus would bring them opportunities to minister and be a light to the people of Northern Africa.


The Harger Family — South Africa 

The Harger family made it to South Africa with all of their luggage, after 63 hours of travel. Their transition to the country has gone incredibly well.

“As we are walking through these open doors, please pray that we would have wisdom to know not only where He needs us, but also where He doesn’t. People’s desperate situations here can easily cause missionaries to take a major emotional nose dive. Thank you for all of you who have been praying because we have felt so covered as we entered into a totally new country and culture!”

The Hargers put together a video to document the details of their move last month. You can view it here.