DIGI-missionServeThe Butler Family – Cambodia

The Butler family has prayerfully made the decision to continue their mission in Phnom Penh, delighted that God is moving them and allowing them to continue their ministry in a new city. Now, the ministry AIM centered in Siem Reap will be passed on to Cambodians. While they’re very excited to see all He has planned, this means finding a new house, moving to a new school, and making new friends. Brandon and Natasha are still working on learning the language, and doing very well. They ask for prayer for their children’s schooling, and that they’re able to make a new home in Phnom Penh with ease.

Hannah Dennis – Kenya

Hannah’s trust in God is inspiring, through all things. She is mentoring Angie*, on a weekly basis, who continues to grow in her faith every day! She asks for prayers in processing the recent death of a young girl in her community, and heavy family tragedy back at home. This has caused many sleepless nights, which leads to exhaustion and difficulty during the day. Hannah is also in the process in moving to a different home in Nairobi, so please pray for ease in settling in to this new place.

* Name changed for privacy reasons.

Paul Teasedale – East Africa

Paul and Callie are bringing home their little one, and will be staying in Nairobi for the next couple of months to care for their newborn. They ask for prayers in finding permanent housing, so that the family can be comfortable after returning to Loiy, because January-March is the hottest time of the year. Keep Kenya’s leaders in your prayers, and ask for wisdom and peace in the areas they work in.