Justice & Mercy

Caring for vulnerable and at risk children

Fundaniños is a Christian children’s home in Guatemala City, Guatemala. They promote and develop programs and projects to improve quality of life for children in need.

Their Story

“Fundaniños is a non-denominational, Christian-based children’s home for as many as seventy children of all ages. The home was founded in 1993 by a group of Christian volunteers who started working in juvenile jails delivering the message of hope and change that Jesus Christ brings. In the jails they began to see the needs of the children who found themselves trapped in a system that denied them any possibility of change. They also realized the need to create preventive programs that would help keep children in high-risk situations off the streets and out of institutional programs. High-risk children are those who are abandoned, mistreated or abused in their living situations, and who accept us as an alternative to living on the streets. Fundaniños works with a collaboration of juvenile courts that refer children to us, so the healing process can begin.”

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