News_GM-msGlobal2016We asked some of our Global Partners, “How have individuals or Missional Communities from Mosaic connected with you and blessed you in a unique or creative way?”


Sophia Fitzgibbon, serving in Honduras with Legacy of Hope Foundation:

“It has been super cool to receive emails from different people throughout the church encouraging me and praying for me. Some people I do not even know and they got in touch with me by finding my email on my missionary card. It is such a good feeling knowing that I have a network of people back home praying for my household and encouraging me. Every time I receive a child I post it on Facebook asking people to pray for that child within my care, I have had many Mosaic people message me personally saying they are lifting my children up in prayer. I believe it truly makes a difference, I have also had many children ask me about my faith and on Easter I got to share the gospel with a 13 year old girl in my care. Some days, when I’m tired or run down, I’ve received a random text from Mosaic people encouraging me, it always seems to be at just the right time.”

Ben, serving in North Africa:

“Good quality toys are hard to buy in our country. Many toys are knock off toys of copies of famous brands. Our kids will buy toys with their pocket money but often the toys don’t last very long. In fact one toy didn’t even make it out of the box without getting broken. How amazed were we when we had some member care visitors come to see us and they brought 2 suitcases full of things that the Shiver’s missional community sent for us. There were Star Wars toys for the boys, and Frozen toys for Anthea, Legos, magazines, stickers, seasonal decorations, and items to make the holidays special. We were in tears as we continued to unpack the seemingly countless items they sent.  It was incredibly touching knowing that the missional community members thought of us, went to the store and they purchased special things to send to us just to bless us! So many things we can’t find here.  While the items themselves are great, we were especially touched to be thought of in such a considerate way! The children have played and continue to play with these toys all the time.  It was a generosity that we will truly always remember!”

Brandon Butler, serving in Cambodia with Agape International Missions:

“One of the Mosaic Missional Communities fund raised and bought us a car since we have been here.  Something that we could not have done on our own and something that has brought great peace for Natasha. Last year, when a  team from Mosaic came out to Cambodia, Brooke Gassert arranged for her Disney princess friends to send a birthday video to India. That was pretty rad! And I have to always give the South girls a mention. They have, without a doubt contacted us and sent us encouragement more than any person other than our personal families.  Their persistent love and support has not only been an encouragement to our family but a great challenge to Natasha and I.  They have brought 1 Tim 4:12 alive in the way that they faithfully choose to remember and love us. Keep it up. Also, we are one of the only missionary families that I know of that is working out here that is not going month to month wondering where next months money will come from.  And that is flipping huge!”

Paul, serving in South East Asia. 

“We had the privilege of being adopted by one of Mosaic’s Missional Communities.  We were really blessed how purposeful they were about connecting with us on Skype, usually once a month.  It encouraged us and allowed us to see those people who were praying for us. They also were very gracious about sending packages.  Usually with items we cannot get here in Indonesia.  My kids were are always so excited to hear a package has arrived from the group.  Even last month they sent a nice package for my daughter’s birthday. Having this kind of support is a huge blessing.  It really energizes us, knowing we have people who believe in what were are doing.  It really makes us feel we are connected with other kingdom minded people.”

Paul Teasdale, serving in Kenya with The Master’s Mission

“Our missional Community sent one of their own to come visit us on the mission field. We live in Northern Kenya in a hot and dusty desert surrounded by lava rocks. The Bakers and Kathleen Richardson came out to visit us and it was a wonderful encouragement. They brought suitcases full of gifts and fun things from other members of our team which were so very appreciated. Kathleen and Joy helped Callie around the house, and they also helped with painting fence posts around our new water point. (In the hot, hot sun!) Jim worked on tile for a children’s dorm, their 3 girls played with my son and daughter, made local friends, and most importantly made coffee for everyone all the time. It was great for our church family here in Kenya to see some of the people that make the work we do possible, by their prayers and support. Kathleen and the Baker family were loved by all. Jim became one of the natives shortly after arriving. He traded his tennis shoes for local tire shoes so I stole his tennis shoes! Jim remembered his Swahili from growing up in Tanzania and many evenings he would be off on a quad headed to our small town to bring back cold sodas for all. The visit from our team from mosaic was one of the highlights of our year.”

Jesus Rodriguez, lead pastor planting Doxa Iglesia Cristiana in Mexico City.

“The first one is last summer Gabe and Tiffany Forsyth came to visit us. They were an awesome encouragement to us as a couple.  They shared with our group, bought us a coffee maker and brought a ton of cards that the church wrote to us with words of encouragement.  After they left, my wife and I felt really supported and cared for.  Reading through the cards brought tears to our eyes and we still have some of those cards in our fridge. The second is how Mosaic Latino has supported us as well.  Javier has been a great support.  He’s called me several times, asking to pray for me and my family.  Also, their Missional Community pitched in and sent us a box of clothes and presents for the kids during christmas. We skyped with them one time and they all prayed over us.  Also, every time I’ve had the opportunity to skype with Renaut I’ve left encouraged and with some pretty awesome advice on church planting and leadership. All of that has been so encouraging because we know Mosaic is a huge support for us in every way, not only financially, but prayerfully and a great encouragement.”

Jay Bauman, founder of Restore Brazil, co-network director of Acts 29 Latin America, and lead pastor of Igreja do Redentor

“Terry Brown has been a big blessing by helping me with the process of forming our own 501c3.”