7 Ways to Connect and Receive Support As An Adoptive, Foster Care or Safe Family


As adoptive and foster parents, we feel a deep desire for our stories to be shared. We want to share stories of beauty and redemption for our lives and the lives of our children. Our stories require a willingness to be vulnerable with others. We give space for the need to cling to a God who has called us to parent from a place of dependency in Him, while understanding our frailty and incompetence as adoptive or foster parents.

In other words, whether we adopt, foster, or become a safe family, our stories are to be told to one another and to others from a healthy, realistic, and accurate understanding of the implications of stepping into the brokenness of our children. Therefore, we must dig into our own brokenness, if we are to have meaningful relationships.

We are meant to be in meaningful relationship with our Creator and with one another. As our family stories unfold, we need to connect and receive support. We all need others to come alongside of us and become part of our story. It is crucial to connect with others who understand our struggles and who have walked a similar journey. Help is available and support is created to: cheer us on, pray for and with us, encourage us, partner with us in our courage, equip us, and just be there to listen.

Ways to connection and seek support within our community:

  1. Prayer

In the midst of our adoption journeys, whether during pre-adoption, the adoption process, or post-adoption phases, we must be connected to our Heavenly Father through prayer. Know that it is as important for you to be connected to the Father, just as it is for the Church to come alongside you and your family to intercede for you at any given time. Traveling prayers, upcoming surgeries, spiritual struggles, or whatever the prayer. You are able to send your prayer requests to our Churchʼs intercessory team and they WILL pray for you and your family. They meet regularly, every Tuesday evening at Mosaic Oakland campus.

  1. Connect with your churchʼs adoption, foster care, or safe family coordinator

As our church grows and more adoptive and foster care families join our community, we know the importance of connecting with other families and with those who God places in our lives as way of support.. We want to get to know you and hear about your journey, hear of your joys and victories and also step into the places you need others to come alongside you to wrap around! We ask that if you have not connected with a coordinator, please do so. Our Love Made Visible coordinators are there to help you as an integral support system or help direct you to someone that could help you; if nothing else, they will listen and pray for you!

Adoption Coordinator and Advocate

Angela Gonzalez – angelag@lovemadevisible.com

Foster Care & Safe Families Coordinator

Felicia Bergeron – feliciab@lovemadevisible.com

  1. Children and Student Ministries

One of the most important aspects of parenting is finding others who really know your child and thereby have an understanding of our childʼs background, in order to facilitate a smooth transition to the “normalcy” of Church life. I want to encourage you to partner with the Childrenʼs and Student Ministries, as they spend time with our children on a weekly basis. I encourage you to meet with Kerri-Ann, Mosaic Kids Director (birth through Elementary) and/or Joel Coffman, Emerging Generation Pastor (Middle School through Young Adult). Please share with them the concerns you may have.

I want to reassure you that Kerri-Ann and Joel understand the importance of protecting your child’s story, which is why knowing your child(ren) will be of great help to them as they guide them to succeed and to know Christ. Mosaic Kids Ministry is continually training their volunteers to help children with emotional delays, sensory processing issues, learning disabilities, physical delays, etc. They also provide “buddies” who are assigned to a child to help them feel loved and to help them socialize with others as they receive personal nurture.

  1. Belonging to a Missional Community

If you are not part of a Missional Community, I urge you to become part of one. Missional Communities are designed for you to do life together within biblical community with others. We all need intimacy and support, in order to be on Gospel-mission with one another in  our discipleship journey. This is a place that you get to inform others about the dynamics of your struggles and needs. If you need help joining a Missional Community, please contact your coordinator, together we will help direct your path.

  1. Participating in our Equipping Events

Each year, our team plans Equipping Events to help you. Recently, we hosted the Empowered to Connect Conference which has served as a platform for opening discussions about parenting the child from “hard places.” The strategies  shared are some of the most powerful and gospel-centered strategies in the realm of adoption and foster care. To further equip you, we have purchased the teaching DVDʼs: trust-based parenting, attachment and more. Please, let your coordinator know if you are interested in borrowing a DVD series for encouragement and equipping.

  1. Adoption Grants

We know that adoption is not cheap, by any means. As your supporting partners, we’re devoted to  walk with you throughout the process, which includes assistance with financial resources. We truly understand the commitment and the sacrifice that the call to adopt involves. Grants are available through  Love Made Visible. If you are interested in applying for an adoption grant please download and complete the grant application found on the Love Made Visible website.

  1. Social Media Support & Encouragement

Please know that we have a closed group on facebook for adoptive, foster, and safe families.  “Mosaic Adoption & Foster Care Families Community”, as well as, our Love Made Visible page, we will periodically post information about events, articles, needs, etc.  Here are some other groups you may become part of and “like”:  Community Based Care of Central Florida, Central Florida Adoptive/Foster Families, Safe Families Central Florida, Bethany Orlando.

Angela Gonzalez

Love Made Visible