Mission to Japan

Mosaic has partnered with Mission to Japan for the last 15 years, bringing the good news of the gospel to Japanese students through their “homestay” program here in Orlando. The homestay program allows Japanese students to come to the U.S. and stay with a Christian host family.

This summer, Mission to Japan is bringing 16 Japanese college students to Mosaic so they can hear and experience the gospel. We need several volunteers who can host a student and make them a part of their families for a few weeks. This is a great opportunity for families, couples, and even singles to make an eternal impact in the life of a student from Japan, where few have heard the gospel (only 1% of Japanese are Christians). Throughout their time in the Homestay program, students engage throughout the week in a number of activities where the gospel is being shared with them from English classes to sightseeing. Please Note: Students will be away on a beach retreat from August 15th – 19th

2022 Hosting Dates: August 9th – September 10th