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We would love to invite you into exploring what it means to make Mosaic your home church and step into being a part of the story that God is writing here. Join us for Chapter One, Chapter Two, and Chapter Three where you’ll learn what we believe, how our community functions, and where you can engage.

Join the Story at Mosaic

Step 1: Discover

Coffee Connect

We want to hear your story, as well as share ours with you. At a Coffee Connect, you’ll sit down with a Mosaic at WDW for coffee or dessert and get a chance to connect to our community and get your questions answered.

Step 2: Invest

Ministry Teams

There is a spot for each of us to contribute our unique talents to the life of our community by serving on a ministry team. Whether you desire to welcome new faces, set up our gathering space, invest in the next generation, or help lead our gatherings, we get the opportunity to serve the church the way Jesus has served us through His sacrificial love.

Community Groups

Mosaic at WDW Community Groups are a vital part of our community life, so that we can create deeper relationships that help us draw nearer to Jesus. During the first full week of the month, our groups have a spiritual discussion over a meal, and on the third week, we do a fun activity!

Step 3: Commit

Covenant Partnership

Covenant Partnership is a beautiful opportunity for us as a church to clarify our commitment to one another and our mutual aim in demonstrating a passion for God and His passion for people! We offer a Covenant Partner class where you’ll learn what partnership in the gospel looks like. At the end, you will have the opportunity to decide if you’d like to become a Covenant Partner. 


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