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Global Mission Weekend | Church Planting

The parallel between the Creation Mandate found in Genesis and the Great Commission found in Matthew is eloquent and telling. In looking at both, we find that we—as both God’s people and the church—are and have always been designed for multiplication. We are made to pursue God’s Kingdom. And we are called to bring that pursuit with us to all the corners of the world, making disciples and planting churches. It’s in that design—and in those risks taken by us in partnership with God—that we see light invade dark and life sprout where there was once death.

Discover the theology and passion behind the past, present, and future movement of church planting in our 2020 Global Mission gathering, guest taught by Melo Sauval, a church planter and Pastoral Resident of Mosaic.

  • November 15, 2020
  • WG: Melo Sauval
  • WDW: Melo Sauval


Global Mission Weekend | Church Planting (Audio)

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