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Who is Jesus? Why does He matter? What does He have to do with the faith of the ancient Israelites? And why does all that matter to us in our modern context? Journey with us as we travel through the book of Hebrews, exploring how Jesus fits in the context of the Jewish Temple, their priests, sacrifices, prophets, and Scripture. And grow with us as we respond in faith and live in the sacrificial love Jesus demonstrated.

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The artwork our team generated for Hebrews features a large “greater than” symbol to help emphasize the reality that Jesus is greater than all things. The author of Hebrews works through specific examples of what and who Jesus is greater than, so we’ve used this symbol to highlight the specific topics the author is referencing. Each topic contains its own colorway and is paired with etchings distributed freely under a Creative Commons license. The Hebrews typography is a custom type lockup inspired by the gothic era in an effort to compliment the vintage of the etchings and to reinforce the ancient writings the author is referencing.