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This is Mosaic Learning Spaces

A Lifelong Journey of

Knowing God and Making Him Known

Before Jesus parted from the Earth, he left his ministry in the hands of his followers, giving them one command: Go and make disciples of all nations.

Our Vision

As believers, we want to be mature and faithful followers of Jesus who not only know God but make Him known because abundant life is rooted in Him. This is the journey of discipleship.

And it’s one that comes to life in the company of others. Learning and community are inseparable; they nourish and fortify one another. True, deep spiritual communion happens around the centrality of studying God’s word, and the life transformation that springs from the study of God’s word happens best in community.

Bible Studies

Bible Studies are hosted at both of our campuses throughout the year. While their focus is on learning, it is within an active learning environment that relies on group discussion and class participation.

Why (and How) We Study

The word of God is living and active, pointing us to what God’s Kingdom looks like. We believe that it’s important that we, as a church body, are engaged in it at a deep level on a regular basis beyond Sundays.

Every fall and spring, our campuses each host a churchwide study of a book of the Bible where we go through the book in its entirety—diving into its context, meaning, and implication or application.

Our Winter Garden and Mosaic at WDW Campuses meet at different times and often go through different studies.

Winter Garden Campus

Each study is 11 weeks long and is available at two different times throughout the week: Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings at our campus building. You can sign up and start attending at any point of the study.

The studies are designed to be accessible and inspiring to study-goers of all levels of biblical knowledge, including those with no previous knowledge of the Bible.

Each week includes one to two hours of homework to help you prep for the coming teaching and discussion. The teaching space is co-ed and led by a qualified teacher. The first half of the class is spent in small groups (some gender-specific and some co-ed) of 6-8 people, accompanied by a group leader.

Check out the Mosaic Calendar to learn more about our study this season.

WDW Campus

Studying the Bible together helps us discover the beauty of scripture while developing deeper connections with others in our community. This is why we have built a Bible Study into our weekly rhythm at WDW Campus. Within each study, we unpack different passages and genres of scripture while learning to see how all scripture points us to Christ.

The first hour of our night is an open hang-out time where we get to know one another better and catch up on life. After that, we spend the rest of our time engaged in a guided study and discussion. This is led by different leaders each week who have studied the content ahead of time. Men and women meet at two different homes to encourage open discussion.

There is no required homework outside of what we cover each night. Though our hope is that you can join for the entirety of the 20-week study, the content is specifically designed so that you can join in on any week, as your schedule allows.

Check out the Mosaic Calendar to learn more about our study this season.

Core Classes

We believe that every follower of Jesus needs a solid foundation to grow. To faithfully know God and make Him known requires all believers to learn the fundamentals of the Christian faith.

Core Classes are meant to complement our church-wide Bible Study. While the Bible Study is designed to have participants travel through books of the Bible in detail, the Core Classes are designed to give broad introductions to the fundamental tools needed for Christian discipleship. Our goal is that our people will grow in their love for God, gain a firm understanding of the gospel, and connect what they learn to everyday life.

Our Core Classes are for everyone, and we hope that all who call Mosaic Church home will have the opportunity to go through them. Check out the Mosaic Calendar to learn more about the classes currently available this season.


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