Mosaic Church


dis·​ci·​ple | \ di-ˈsī-pəl \ n. someone who follows the way and believes the truth of Jesus, and helps lead others to do the same

lead | \ ˈlēd \ v. to guide on a way, especially by going in advance


This is a year-long, volunteer program designed to help you know if God is calling you to vocational ministry and, if so, in what role. As an intern, you will be placed in a ministry setting where we hope you will identify, clarify, and be better equipped for future involvement in full-time ministry through hands-on experience and study. 


Our Discipleship Team is currently taking time to revamp this program to make it even more relevant and insightful for our interns. We’re looking forward to re-opening enrollment later in 2021! If you have any questions regarding an internship at Mosaic, feel free to reach out to Jimmy, our Discipleship & Internship Coordinator. 


We believe that humble and faithful leadership is vital to the health of a local church. The earliest churches in the New Testament give us a model for this, being made up of elders, deacons, and saints. Saints seems a strange word for our times. But, according to scripture, if we follow Jesus, he has rescued our souls and restored our purpose—and that means we’re saints. And as saints, we are all called to the work of the gospel (1 Corinthians 1:2, Ephesians 4:12, Revelation 14:12). Deacons are men and women appointed to serve in the local church to help equip the saints for this strange and marvelous work. They are actively learning as disciples, living as members of God’s diverse and unified family, and leading others in God’s mission of life and redemption for all (1 Timothy 3:1-13).

Our deacons serve in a variety of ways. Many lead a Community Group, developing intentional devotional and missional rhythms in the lives of their group. Others serve on Sunday gatherings. And some do both. Whatever the capacity, we believe that leading others means serving them with love, endurance, and wisdom through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Elder Process

Scripture uses words like “elder,” “pastor,” and “shepherd” to describe those in spiritual leadership over the church. Being an elder/pastor (we use those words interchangeably) is not about a title or a task or climbing an invisible church leadership ladder. It’s about shepherding the church.

Our elders go through a two-year journey of study and discipleship. While this includes a long reading list, it’s not about how much knowledge can be attained, but rather the formation of character in our elders’ hearts and souls as well as their ability to care for the church well through a deep understanding of and commitment to scripture.

If you are interested in becoming an elder of Mosaic, know this about our eldership development process: At the end of it, we want your relationship with God to be stronger than it has ever been. We want your understanding of Mosaic’s story and your role in it to be incredibly clear. And we will push you towards both those ends because we love you and because we love the church and want her to have the best shepherds we can give her.

Here are a few prerequisites before applying:

  • Be a Covenant Partner in good standing, meeting all requirements.
  • Have a proven track record at Mosaic of actively shepherding others.
  • Have read Biblical Eldership: An Urgent Call To Restore Biblical Church Leadership by Alexander Strauch.
  • Have read the Bible in full.

Let our Leadership Team know if you’re interested in entering our eldership development process.