The Garden - Mosaic Church

The Garden

We don’t believe we’re helping children grow in order to be the church someday. We believe they are the church today.

The Garden


We cherish the opportunity to display the love of God and His word to our Kindergarteners! It is so fun to be in the Garden, full of excited children, eager to learn about Jesus. What a privilege to help our kids grow in understanding and love for Jesus. In the Garden, we make much of God and glorify His name because He is worthy of praise!

The Garden is a place where all of our Kindergarteners gather together for high-energy games, worship, and storytelling! We create an environment that allows our kids to hear God’s word in our large group space and dive deeper into God’s word through small groups, crafts, and activities. We focus on 5 foundational truths: God made everything, God is in charge of everything, God is good, Jesus came to save sinners, and God wants to talk to us. Every week we explore God’s word and see how it reveals one of these truths. We would love for you to come join us!