The City - Mosaic Church

The City

Our desire is for Mosaic Kids to be a space where we can build a firm foundation for our kids as they grow in their faith throughout their lives. In order to do that we need to constantly point them to God—to who He is and what He’s done.

The City

1st - 4th Grade

It’s in this phase that Bible stories really come alive and are no longer just stories. We get to watch our 1st – 4th graders grow in understanding of everything they’re learning, and with that new depth, start to make decisions informed by biblical truths and faith.

Making the Bible come alive

We want The City to be a place kids beg their parents to bring them to every week. So, we put hours upon hours of time and creativity into bringing it to life! Every month the stage gets decorated in a big way to help illustrate the current curriculum. It’s from here that kids experience God’s word in action through the Bible. Our goal is to share its stories with simplicity and nuance; simple enough for our 1st graders to understand and detailed enough for our 4th graders to discover something new.

Every gathering follows an arc of high-energy games, worship, and storytelling in our large-group time that eventually resolves into small groups where deeper exploration, life application, and Scripture memorization are encouraged. In these small groups, kids find a fun and safe space to be themselves as they interact and connect with one another and their leader, experiencing being an active part of a biblical community.